Bar Hire

Draught beer for your party or event

1. Hire the Silver Rocket draught beer machine!

2. Buy a keg (or two) of delicious Silver Rocket craft beer!

3. Have a superb birthday party/product launch/work event!


Email to discuss dates, beer preferences & other options.


Our 2-tap Lindr draught beer dispenser is plug & play. It chills the beer as it pours. It's supereasy to operate and runs off a standard 3-pin plug.

Depending on your event, we can run the bar for you, or we can set it up & just leave you and your guests to it.

Just get in touch and we can discuss what works best for you & your event.

The beers

Our keg beer stocks vary, but we always have at least one award-winning, session-strength hoppy pale ale - Launch Pad IPA or Hazy Paving - available. Plus Lager Lord, our delicious gluten-free Czech Pilsner.

We've found Lager Lord and one ale to be a popular combination, but we can supply whatever suits :o)

We can also add a selection of cans if you'd like to offer a broader range.

And now we also have our alcohol-free option! Two States A/F is available in can (& occasional keg)

Drop us a line

Email to chat about your event, date & ideal beers :o)