Silver Rocket Brewing

Hello there. We're a small, award-winning brewery in Hassocks, West Sussex, run by two friends who love craft beer & Sonic Youth


"You beauty!! That is a very grown up beer."

Rob Hadfield

"9/10 for this one!!! Had to take a point off as I am German and a German lager is a fine thing! :o)"

Barbara Kurzfeld

"My goodness, Exit Strategy tastes even better than it looks!"

Andy Close

62-Mile Stout, 4.8%

Mixed Selection

"Damn that's a fantastic no-alcohol beer! At last, something decent to drink if you're designated driver" 4.25/5 Untappd [Two States A/F]

Dave The Sweep

"She's an absolute beauty!" [62-Mile Stout]

Adam Chandley

"I'm impressed! Best AF I've tasted."

Paul Harman


Add award-winning Silver Rocket beers to your pub, cafe, restaurant, club, bottle shop, campsite, glampsite, corner shop, bar... We ship nationwide.

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